We help educators reach the 30% of students traditional literacy education is leaving behind.



With 30% of the bus missing, we're leaving a lot of kids behind!

We provide literacy training based in SoR, through blended e-learning for teachers, school boards, and reading instructors to elevate reading instruction worldwide.

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“I was so surprised with the thoroughness and thoughtfulness that has gone into this training. During the four days of remote learning, I was very engaged and interested. The facilitators were readily available after training to answer questions and provide support when needed. I highly recommend training with Halifax Learning.”

- Durham District School Board - Indigenous Services Ontario, 2021

Teaching to read

Everyone has the right to read, and read efficiently

Reading programs taught in classrooms today allow 30% of students to move on without gaining sufficient reading skills. This isn’t due to ineffective teachers or the performance of students — the fact is, the way teachers are trained in university to deliver literacy instruction could greatly benefit from applying the results learned from the science of reading. 

Train Teachers,
Change the World.

The last 27 years of research into the Science of Reading have changed how we understand teaching. The typical school curriculum can take years to adapt, but there are far too many students falling behind to wait for the system to catch up. Halifax Learning can be present in classrooms right now to help teachers deliver effective structured literacy programs.


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By careful study of past and present reading programs and analysis of their measurable results, we’ve developed the highest quality curriculum, training, and teacher support programs available on the market today. Leveraging the knowledge gleaned from the Science of Reading allows teachers in our program to reach every child.


Halifax Learning has over 20 years of experience.


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Our dedicated team of educators and specialists has been delivering structured literacy training for over twenty years. We’ve learned, we’ve grown, and we’re here to pass on our evidence-based programs to teachers and school boards across the country.

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the missing 30%.



Like our own communities, this house has 30% more potential that’s simply absent. Halifax Learning gives you the tools you need to build a door that struggling readers can open. A whole new community awaits them and their ideas! Learn more about how you can become an active part of the solution.

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